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Our sincere thanks to each and every one of you

Small Heading

It is simply impossible to thank everyone by name who has contributed and still continues to, in some way to turning this vision into a reality.  


Every gift, be it precious time, practical skills, a generous grant or a monetary donation has been of equal importance.


Each minute, every coin, the endless batches of baking, the creation of countless beautiful gifts to sell and the organisation of so many events.


Every painful step, every aching bone that many have taken and or suffered from, through a physical challenge.


The countless countinuing prayers, all the thousands of words of encouragement, the beaming smiles, every hug and the occasional sharing of tears. 

Whatever your contribution, irrespective of how you may view it, has brought us to where we are now.

Your contribution is what has given life to this centre and it is your continued support that will ensure that the Open Door remains exactly that - Open - thank you.

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