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Photos depicting how we got to

where we are today!

Building, Fundraising and Community events

Opening & Dedication of the Open Door Centre
13th May 2017
Life in Lockdown 2020
Message in Open Door Doorway
Bible and Candle in Doorway
A bunch of flowers to go with each lunch!
Getting ready for Lockdown - a deep clean!
And yet more cleaning!
Our brilliant chef and volunteer meal deliverers!
Getting ready for the Take Away bag!
To celebrate the 1000 meal! Lovely biscuits!
Carin's newly recruited helpers!
More cakes!
A selection of the meals delivered
A selection of the meals delivered
A selection of the meals delivered
A selection of the meals delivered
A selection of the meals delivered
Blessing the Building
Bishop Adrian cuts ribbon
Commemorative Plaque is unveiled
2 Former pupils of  original school
The magnificent cake!
Mayor gives a speech
Take a look at the building
when we started work!
The building when it belonged to the Red Cross
Starting to get back to basics!
Basic's again
And again!
I think that's a porch emerging?!
Ahh - porch complete!
Visitors contemplating the possibilities'!
Jean Corney (Trustee) showng our MP Theresa Villers around
Theresa Villiers, Jean Corney and Jenny Blyth (Fairs Organiser)
A colourful array of Fairs!

The Day the Daleks came to Barnet! 

Barnet Library Window
Think this crowd are in the wrong century!
Our MP Theresa Villiers meeting the Head Teacher!
So we tried to look like bears!
Spot the Bear!
Here's another one!
And yet more bears!
This one was trying to hide!
Not bears perhaps but beautiful all the same!
You couldn't miss these two!
If its a fair there'll be a balloon!Day Fair
Wow what a sight!
K9 came too!
Cup of tea? Always good!
The Tardis
Wow - but who has been in the Tardis?
For 2 read 3!
He's a bit scary!
Ahh doing his shopping at Waitrose!
Christ Church Community Choir performs at the fair
Al these daleks - need a sitdown to recover!
There's a dalek out there somewhere!
The Walk of a Lifetime!
Chris's  Challenges! 
NSWE & Cycle to the Circle
Other Community events
Did I really say I would walk 91 miles?!!
Finish Line!
Back home with the family
A long awaited sit down!
Chris's NSWE Challenge begins!
No second thoughts!
On his back also for anyone following!
Yep I am definitely going!
Off down the St Albans Road!
Starting point - Lizard
Furthest point East
Corrachadh Mor -The Open Door gets everywhere!
Scotland reached!
After 5 days and 452 miles....
Dunnet Head - Challenge completed!
Cycle to Circle Logo
Bike abroad!
Fog - not good in a strange country!
This is a long drop on a bike!
Brilliant guy Chris met!
Moose droppings
Chris got fond of Moose's!!
And again!
Potholes - the Bike's worst nightmare!
Cycle to Circle complete!
Prayer walk around all the schools in the area
Vic Corney Contemplating his somewhat long fundraising walk!
In memory of our beloved Mages - previous treasurer
Music Halls are always great fun
Pilgrim the musical!
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas Fair!
If it's Christmas you must have a tree!
Nigel Taylor our previous vicar with our MP and Mayor
The Sebright arms - great supporters of the Open Door
Waitrose also great Supporters
Our sincere thanks to the Waitrose staff!
Birthday Boys who donated all the money from their B'days!!
A reliable table - always a must for any outside event we have done!
Canal Trip
The Floating Boater sounds good for a trip!
Looks safe enough!
What a lovely name for a boat!
Our guests are arriving!
Here are some more!
It's very comfortable aboard!
Magic! With Chris Fisher
Its all very leisurely
it looks so beautiful
Silver Sunday Tea &
Silver Week Art Exhibition
This looks complicated - well for an adult!
Can I recognise anyone?
Boys Brigade taking part - well done guys!
Tablet? I press a tablet?!
3 Generations!
I like the look of this game!
This might be tricky............
What clever girls!
Looks like fun!
Plenty of fun for everyone!
I wonder if I can recognise anyone!
Such beautiful pictures all around!
Really clever......
Its official! Silver Week Art Exhibition!
People are so clever with their  creations
I know - its all very impressive!
Isn't this beautiful?
And this one as well!
Such skill....
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