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 Final Phase of Development

The Open Door opened in May 2017 and the Trustees now wish to begin to complete the redevelopment of the former Victorian primary school.

Specifically, the Trustees wish to support the compassion ministries of Christ Church, Barnet (CCB). To achieve this, the Trustees propose to insert a new first floor and extend the ground floor of the existing building.

The Trust has planning permission for a side extension to the kitchen along with the insertion of a new first floor 

The former will be used to relieve pressure on the kitchen, and to facilitate the potential for usage as a training facility whilst  also providing additional, and much needed, kitchen storage space.  Work on the new Kitchen haas begun during this summer, 2023

The current plan is for the first floor to be used to support CCB’s emerging ‘Compassion Ministries’, an enhanced food bank facility is being considered, as well as an area for activities, advice and services relevant to people in the local community and which can be rented out to local community groups.

The planned extension to the ground floor reflects the remarkable success of the first six years of the Centre. As a result, more space is required in the kitchen for food preparation and cooking.


The Trustees wish to build on the achievements the Centre has made thus far, to expand and transform work already being done by CCB and to do so in a way which restores dignity and self-confidence to vulnerable members of our community.


If you have any queries or comments then do get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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