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It is with great sadness that we have to give you the news that David Parry, the founder of the Open Door Centre has died. He had been a constant encouragement to everything connected with the Centre from the start and whilst having moved away from Barnet, with Jill his wife, to be closer to his family, he remained in regular touch and continued his support both for the Centre and to everyone involved with it, always visiting if he was back in Barnet.

It is no exaggeration to say, that without David there would be no Open Door Centre - the people of our local community in Barnet, will forever be in his debt. This link will take you to a tribute to David from the Barnet Society and it will give you an insight into the life of this amazing man.

The picture below shows David and the builders on the very first day that work began to create 'The Open Door Centre', his legacy to us all, we will miss him so much. He was indeed a brilliant builder!

Open door 1.png
2 vols Hilary + M.jpg
Nikita +Pete Vol.png

The award-winning Open Door Centre is at the heart of Christ Church Barnet’s outreach to the local community.  Find out more about what already happens in the Centre, and news of the exciting future development can be found here

Link to our Facebook page is here

  July 2024

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